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The (Cake) Stall of Alternative Thoughts

SAR 9th International Conference, Plymouth and 'Canteen' @ TOPOS, Art Week Exeter.   2018

A pop-up café installation and performance 

The Contract.jpg

The installation consists of ;

-  A looped film projection of clouds moving through a blue sky 

-  A long table with Word Menus, Words with definition and etymology, Contracts/Licences, Pens and Cakes

-  Two round tables with 3 chairs, and one round table with 6 chairs. 

Words on the menu are;


Categorisation Cognition Collective Consciousness Continuum Culture

Diaspora Digest Discourse Duality

Embodiment Empiricism Epistemology Etymology Exchange



Metaphysical Methodology Migration


Paradigm Paradox

Reciprocal Reflexive Relevance Research


Transcendence Trans-global


All visitors to ‘The (Cake) Stall Of Alternative Thoughts’ are served by Monica. Visitors are served with a Word accompanied by its definition and etymology. All Words come with a choice of cake; Banana Bread, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Chocolate Brownie (vegan), or Flapjack (gluten free).

All sentences spoken by Monica interacting and conversing with visitors offer open ended choice. Visitors are invited by Monica to enter into a contract with ‘The (Cake) Stall of Alternative Thoughts’ to obtain a licence for unlimited use of their Word. Visitors and ‘The (Cake) Stall of Alternative Thoughts’ each retain a copy of the contract. To date all visitors have chosen to enter into the contract.

After obtaining a Word with a Cake, attendees can sit at the tables, under the projection of clouds moving endlessly through the sky, to consume their Word and their Cake.


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