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Education and Community Projects, Gallery and Drop-in Art Workshops 


Over the last 12 years I have been the lead artist for a range of school based projects; foundation stage, primary and secondary level, mainly mosaics for school sites and public spaces. 

Years before I was a Secondary School Art Teacher. My interest in education, and the contribution of art and creative thinking to the whole curriculum, continues still. 

My approach focuses on ensuring that every participant involved in a project, regardless of ability, genuinely contributes to the design and the creation of any final outcome.


I am currently a Visual Artist with DAISI (Devon Artists in Schools Initiative).


In addition to my school-based projects, I have delivered and coordinated programmes of gallery based workshops. I have led primary teachers practical hands-on INSET sessions on ways of using artists work to support art work with children. I have worked with ‘excluded’ teenagers. I also have considerable experience in obtaining grant funding for arts and environmental projects.


Follow the links to see a few of my projects. A more extensive portfolio is available to view by appointment.

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