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The work created for ‘The Dog Walk Project – Part 1’ emerged directly from the limitations imposed by the lockdown that has dominated our lives for the last year. With galleries closed and gatherings suspended indefinitely, it has not been a time for exhibition installations and live art. So I had to adapt, and I found myself looking to the routine experience of mindfully walking my dog as a testing ground for creative ideas, while my dog has learnt to be very patient with me. 



‘The Dog Walk Project – Part 1’

was at the Words & Pictures Gallery, Teignmouth in Spring 2021. 

'The Dog Walk Project - Part 1' - Landscape Mandalas 

Archival Digital Prints 30 x 30 cms

'The Dog Walk Project - Part 1' - Beach Mandalas 

Archival Digital Prints 19 x 19 cms

'The Dog Walk Project - Part 1' - Seaside Souvenir Mandalas

Shell assemblages with gold paint on board 15 x 15 cms

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 22.27.50.png

The Pebble Portfolios

- Pebbles

- Stone

- Circles

- Lines

All prints and 'portfolios' are available to purchase on request

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